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Uncle Garak!

Part 7
By Starna


Date: October 1999
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Janeway was not on Voyager when it went missing, but found herself there in the Delta Quadrant, 5 years after Voyager had disappeared.
Disclaimer: Parramount owns everything Star Trek. Let's hear it for them!
Author Note: The idea for this AU story has been playing with my mind for the last couple of months and I thought that it was about time I put it down on paper.   I also would like to thank my beta readers for a wonderful job that they have done, thanks everyone!

Over the next couple of days, things were tense between Kathryn and Chakotay but Captain Spencer noticed that it hadn't affected the way in which they worked together. Kathryn and Chakotay were still professional and worked well as a team.

Garak and Nog were keeping a very close eye on how Kol was handling things. Everyone knew that Kol saw Kathryn, Chakotay and himself as a family, so what was happening between Kathryn and Chakotay would be hard on Kol. However it appeared that Kol was handling the situation well. Chakotay didn't stopped spending time with Kol and they all still ate dinner together in the Mess Hall as they had done since Kathryn and Kol arrived on Voyager. This pleased everyone concerned, which was everyone on board except the Cardassian spy.

The whole situation between Kathryn and Chakotay was exactly the diversion that the spy was after. Everyone was so focused with Kathryn and Chakotay that the Cardassian spy was sure that no one would pay much attention to them and their plan to get rid of Garak. But the spy knew that they had to make their move fast. _____________________________________________________________________

Garak's first training session with Kol and Naomi on computer security went well and he realized that he needed to make the problems a lot harder. He was in holodeck one, reprogramming the holo-program that he had developed for these lessons. He had always liked Federation technology, so easy to work with, so easy to break into.


The Cardassian spy decided that today was the day. After locating Garak, the spy started to implement their plan and outside holodeck one, was making a few modifications of their own. When they were done, the spy decided to have one final laugh at their former mentor and entered the holodeck.


Garak heard the doors of the holodeck open and turned around to see who it was. He knew that he shouldn't have been surprised when he saw who it was, but he was.

"Well, my dear, it has been a long time. I see that you are keeping well," said Garak. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I just wanted one final look at you before I let you know that I am going to kill you. I unfortunately didn't see your face when I had you banished from Cardassia Prime so I thought I would make up for it now," said the spy.

"I thought it was you. Just one question, why?" said Garak.

"Let's just say that you taught me well." And with that that spy exited the holodeck and gave the command, "Computer begin program, Bynar 110011."

The spy heard someone heading towards the holodeck, so they left in the belief that Garak would be dead before anyone was able to help him.

Kol and Naomi arrived at the entrance of holodeck one and attempted to enter. The doors wouldn't open so Naomi went to the holodeck controls and tried to gain excess to the holodeck. The computer still wouldn't allow them entry so Kol hit his commbadge and said, "Kol to Uncle Garak. Naomi and I are outside the holodeck but it won't let us in."


Garak was finding it difficult at that moment to remain alive, and he didn't want either Kol or Naomi finding a way into the holodeck, because of the program that was running at the moment. Garak was using all of his skills that he had learnt over the years just to stay alive. Garak hit his commbadge and said, "Kol don't enter the holodeck…….."


Kol and Naomi heard Garak's warning which was followed by a phaser blast. They both looked at each other and realized that something was seriously wrong.

Before they could contact someone about it, they saw Harry and Nog were heading towards them. The two children ran to Harry and Nog and pulled them towards the holodeck, telling them what was going on.

Harry immediately went to the control panel to see if he could work out what was problem. The phaser blasts could still be heard from the holodeck as well as the occasional scream of pain from Garak.

Nog was trying to calm the children down when he heard Harry say, "I have never seen a code like this before. I don't even know where to start!"

Nog turned his attention to the holodeck controls and to what Harry was talking about. Unlike Harry, Nog recognized the code and said, "It's a Cardassian code, don't attempt to break it, if you do it is programmed to make things worst inside the holodeck." Harry stopped working on the control panel straight away and turned to Nog and said, "So what can we do?"

"Nothing. But Commander Janeway might be able to," said Nog. He then hit his commbadge and said, "Nog to Janeway."


Kathryn was on the bridge at the science station when Nog's hail came through. "Janeway here," said Kathryn.

"Commander, you're needed at holodeck one immediately," said Nog.

Everyone looked surprise, wondering what the problem was. Michelle interrupted Kathryn and said, "What seems to be the problem Ensign?"

"Captain, Garak is trapped in holodeck with a program running, we have heard phaser blasts….," said Nog who was interrupted by Chakotay who said, "I fail to see why you contacted Commander Janeway about this Ensign. Lt. Torres should be the one who you contact."

"Normally I would Commander, but there is a code preventing anyone from gaining access to the holodeck," said Nog.

Chakotay was about to say something but Kathryn got in first, "What code Nog?"

"The Cardassian Bynar Code Commander," said Nog.

"I'm on my way," said Kathryn who was already half way to the turbo lift.

"Commander, may I ask what's going on?" asked Michelle.

Kathryn turned towards Michelle and said, "I have absolutely no idea Captain. I just know that I'm needed down there." She then turned to Seven and asked, "Are you familiar with the code?"

"Yes. I will assist you," said Seven and followed Kathryn to the turbo lift.

Michelle was now very interested as to why Seven was needed and looked at both her First Officer and Tactical Officer. Both Tuvok and Chakotay understood the question their Captain wanted to ask, but neither of them had the answer.

"Tuvok, go with them," said Michelle. "Commander, find out what you can about this Bynar Code."


As Kathryn and Seven headed towards holodeck one, Kol and Naomi were the first ones to see them and ran towards them, telling Kathryn and Seven what had happened.

Harry approached them and said, "I hope you know what to do, because I've never seen anything like it before!"

"Did you attempted to break the code Ensign?" asked Seven.

"No, not after Nog said to leave it alone," said Harry.

Seven then turned to Nog who was making sure that the kids kept out of the way and asked, "Ensign, may I ask how you are familiar with the code?"

"Chief O'Brien showed the code to me once. Apparently even though it's been over 6 years since the Cardassians left DS9, my father and Chief O'Brien are still coming across these codes. So as a precaution, the Chief made sure that all station personnel were familiar with the code," said Nog.

Kathryn was already studying the controls. She turned to Seven and said, "Nog's right, I need your help."

Tuvok walked towards the group and watched Kathryn and Seven work the holodeck controls in complete unison. Within a minute they had regained control of the holodeck.

"Computer end program currently running and open the holodeck doors," said Seven.

"Program cancelled, enter when ready," said the computer.

When the doors opened, Kol and Naomi started to move towards the holodeck but were stopped by Harry and Nog.

"We want to go in and find Uncle Garak, let us go!" said the two children as they tried to wriggle out of Nog's and Harry's grasp.

"Not until we know that it's safe," said Nog.

"I will go in and investigate, wait here," said Tuvok as he moved into the holodeck.

Approximately 30seconds later, Tuvok walked out, there was blood on one of his hands. He turned towards Kathryn and said, "Mr Garak has been injured, I had him beamed to sickbay."

Before anyone had a chance to react, Kol and Naomi managed to get themselves free from Harry's and Nog's grip and ran down the corridor towards sickbay. Kathryn realized where they were heading and knew that the last thing the Doctor needed was two children constantly asking him questions while he was treating Garak, so she went after them, shouting over her shoulder, "Thank you for your help, everyone."

Tuvok looked at Seven, Harry and Nog and said, "I believe that we should begin an investigation. I request your assistant in this matter."

The others simply nodded their heads and started the investigation, all the while wondering who would have done this.


Chakotay couldn't believe what he found out about the Bynar code. What's more, he couldn't believe that Kathryn would know how to break it. Seven's knowledge of the code made sense since the Borg would have assimilated the knowledge. Nog's knowledge of the code made sense since the code was still being found on DS9 and since he was station there he would have been made aware of it. But Kathryn knowing about it…………..

Chakotay turned towards his Captain and said, "I've found the information on the Bynar code. It's a code used by the Cardassian Obsidian order. It's set up in such a way that to break it, you need two people working in unison."

"An Obsidian Order code? Who apart from Garak, Kathryn, Seven and Nog would know about this code?" asked Michelle.

"Nobody as far as I know. I know that none of the Maquis came across it. If they had the whole organization would have known about it," said Chakotay.

Tom heard the conversation and turned around and asked, "How did Nog and Commander Janeway know about it?"

Everyone turned to Chakotay who answered, "Ensign Nog would be familiar with it since he was station on DS9, where the code is still occasionally discovered even now, according to the files downloaded from the Kakadu. As for Commander Janeway, I have no idea."

At that moment Michelle's commbadge beeped. "Spencer here."

"Captain, the code on the holodeck has been broken and Mr Garak has been transported to sickbay. I have started an investigation to determine what occurred here," said Tuvok.

"Thank you Tuvok," said Michelle, then she cut the connection. She then turned to Chakotay and said, "Commander, you have the bridge. I will be in sickbay if you need me."

"Yes Captain," said Chakotay as he watched her head towards the turbo lift.

Chakotay looked forward and saw Tom looking at him. "Commander, I just wanted to say that I have absolutely no idea who would have done this. I thought that everyone had finally accepted Garak," said Tom.

"I thought the same thing Tom. But evidently we were both wrong," said Chakotay.

To be continue............

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