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Uncle Garak!

Part 4
By Starna
Date: May-September 1999
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Janeway was not on Voyager when it went missing, but found herself there in the Delta Quadrant, 5 years after Voyager had disappeared.
Disclaimer: Parramount owns everything Star Trek. Let's hear it for them!
Author Note: The idea for this AU story has been playing with my mind for the last couple of months and I thought that it was about time I put it down on paper.

The Voyager engineering team that B'Elanna assigned to the Kakadu was working on the repairs to the ship. Garak and Nog walked into Shuttle bay 2 to see what they can do to help with the repairs, as suggested by Kathryn. B'Elanna had informed them that the team leader was Vorik and to report to him.

As they moved towards Vorik, one of the engineers recognized Garak and said to themselves, "So it is true, you are on board and working with the Federation. I knew I was right to help have you disgraced." The engineer then thought, 'I can't be seen by him, he may recognize me and all my plans will be for nothing.' With that, the engineer walked out of Shuttle bay 2 and headed towards main engineering, deciding what would be the next move.

Vorik had given Nog and Garak their assigned duties and they started on their work. In the corner of his eye, Garak thought that he recognized the person who walked out of the shuttle bay. The person reminded him of an old protégé of his when he was in the Obsidian Order.

He decided that he must have been mistaken, he remembered that just after the Prometheus incident, a comment that he overheard while in Quark's. A Starfleet security officer mentioned that the EMH from Voyager said that a Cardassian spy was found and is now dead on Voyager. The spy was a member of the Maquis cell. Garak, from his sources, knew that there was only one spy within the Maquis cell and that it was his former protégé who betrayed him years ago. He felt nothing at the news of her death, so he realized that it was impossible that he saw her here on Voyager.

Just then Voyager was rocked by a series of hits, red alert was sounded and everyone reported to their stations. After a while the red alert ceased, Nog was then asked to report to the bridge. This left Garak in shuttle bay 2 thinking, 'What the Hell is going on?'

Garak's comm badge beeped and Garak hit the badge and said, "Garak here."

"Mr Garak, this is the Doctor, I suggest that you come to the sickbay immediately."

"May I ask why?" said Garak.

"Kol has been injured……."said the Doctor before Garak interrupted.

"On my way," said Garak.

"What's up, Doctor?" asked Kathryn as she and Tom entered sick bay. Before the Doctor has a chance to reply, Kathryn saw Kol laying on one of the biobeds and raced over to him. She looked up at the Doctor and said, "What happened?"

"It would appear that Kol saved Naomi Wildman's life. Apparently he saw something falling and Naomi was directly under it. He pushed her out of the way and was hit himself. He is unconscious at the moment" said the Doctor.

Looking at her son, Kathryn said, "Is there anything we can do?"

"I'm afraid not except just sit and wait," said the Doctor.

The Doctor moved away and started giving instructions to Tom. Ensign Wildman and Naomi walked over to the biobed that Kol was on. Kathryn noticed them and looked up.

"Captain Janeway. I'm Ensign Samantha Wildman and this is my daughter Naomi. We are so sorry about what happen to Kol."

"Ensign Wildman, thank you for your concern. I'm sure everything will be okay" said Kathryn. She then looked at Naomi and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yes Captain, thanks to Kol. The Doctor has told Mom to take me back to our quarters for the night. But I want to make sure that Kol is okay, would it be okay if I came by early tomorrow morning to see Kol?" said Naomi.

"Of course, you just get some rest," said Kathryn.

Samantha and Naomi left sick bay at the same time as Garak entered. He walked over to Kathryn and gave her a hug. Kathryn explained what had happen and Garak said, "Would you like me to get the Cathexis?"

"It might be a good idea, thank you," said Kathryn.

"I'll be right back" said Garak and he headed out again.

Kathryn hit her comm badge and said, "Commander Chakotay, please report to sick bay."

She heard "On my way" but really didn't pay to much attention to it. Her main focus was on Kol.

Chakotay couldn't help wondering what was going on as he headed towards sick bay. As he enter, he noticed Kathryn sitting next to a biobed which Kol was laying on. Chakotay saw the worried look on her face and moved towards her.

"Kathryn" he said softly.

"Chakotay, I'm so glad that you're here," said Kathryn as she grabs his hand.

"What's wrong with Kol?"

"He pushed Naomi out of the way of the falling beam or something and got hit himself. He's unconscious at the moment," said Kathryn.

Garak walked in at the moment, followed by Captain Spencer who was informed of the situation by the Doctor. He handed the Cathexis to Chakotay and said "I believe, Commander, that you are more qualified to use this than I am."

Chakotay looked at Garak with total surprise for a moment. He then looked at Kathryn and then Kol. He performed the ritual as Kathryn, Garak, the Doctor and Captain Spencer looked on.

Captain Spencer saw that there was a history between Kathryn and Chakotay. She also realized that with Kol that they were a family. She was glad that her friend and first officer had found what he had lost. She just hoped that he realized this, that they both realized this.

Kathryn and Chakotay never left Kol's side that night. They both received strength from each other. It was also the first chance that they had to talk.

"I don't think I could handle losing him" whispered Kathryn. "I have lost everyone who I love, losing him would be to much."

"Kathryn, you wont lose him, he will pull through," said Chakotay as he engulfed her in his embrace.

"Thank you for staying with me," said Kathryn. "You asked me if Kol's your son." She turned around to face him. "Kol's isn't yours or my biological son but he's my son in every other way."

"Then who's child is he?" asked Chakotay, disappointed.

"Kol is your sister, Kantia's son" said Kathryn.

"Kol's my nephew! I didn't know that Kantia was a mother!" said Chakotay.

"Well you weren't the easiest person to get a hold of at that time. Kantia had asked me if something should happen to her and her husband that I would raised Kol. When they both were killed, Kol was sent to Narellan where I happen to be on leave. He was six months old and we have been together ever since then. Kol knows that he isn't my biological son but he still sees me as his mother," said Kathryn.

"Kantia couldn't have asked a better person to take over. I do have one question though, how did Kol get to Narellan? Children who were orphaned during the war were cared by whoever was around" said Chakotay.

"Let's just say that the Maquis had a hand in it" said Kathryn.

This statement surprised Chakotay and he was about to ask how the Maquis were involved when Kol regained consciousness. The Doctor checked him over and said that everything was fine but that he wanted Kol to stay over night. Chakotay and Kathryn stayed also.

They talked into the night about Kol and everything that he has experience. They also talked about how Kathryn and Garak to a lesser part were making sure that Kol knew the teachings of his people. Chakotay found it hard to deal with the fact that Garak was so intertwined into Kol's life but slowly understood why Kathryn had done this.

Chakotay wanted to become apart of Kol's life as much as possible, so he asked that he continue teaching Kol the teachings and ways of their people. Kathryn was of course happy that Chakotay wanted to become apart of Kol's life.

The next morning, as Garak was heading towards sick bay, he came across Captain Spencer who was also heading there.

"Good morning Captain Spencer and how are you today?" asked Garak.

"Good morning Mr. Garak. I'm fine. Thank you for asking. I take it that you are going to the sick bay to check on Kolpak?"

"I am. Kol and Kathryn is the closest thing I have to family. My real family doesn't even want to know me, so the two of them mean everything to me," said Garak.

"May I ask, how did you meet them?" asked Captain Spencer, whose curiosity had got the better of her.

Garak paused for a moment, "Kathryn early in her career was captured by the Obsidian Order, she was about to be tortured physically, but for some reason, I helped her escape. We have been friends ever since. She is probably the only person who knows me."

At this point they both entered the sick bay and saw Kol sitting up on the biobed looking at Kathryn and Chakotay who were asleep with Kathryn using Chakotay as a pillow.

Kol shook Kathryn. "Mom, wake up. Mom wake up!"

Kathryn and Chakotay both stirred and looked at Kol. "Hi sweetheart. Are you feeling okay?" said Kathryn.

"I'm fine. Where's Naomi? Is she okay?" asked Kol.

"Yes Kol, she's fine. She said that she will drop by this morning to see you," said Chaktotay. "Tell me, why did you put yourself in danger when you saw what was happening?"

"I only did what all Starfleet Captains do. Put the crew needs before your own," said Kol. Before Kathryn or Chakotay could answer, Kol asked seriously, "Commander Chakotay, the tattoo on your head. Why do you have it?"

"I wear it as a mark of my people" said Chakotay.

Kol looked at Kathryn and said, "That's the same as the which my people wear?"

"Yes Kol. Commander Chakotay is your uncle" said Kathryn.

"My uncle!" said Kol. He then looked at Chakotay, "We're related?"

"Yes we are. So if you like, you can call me Uncle Chakotay" said Chakotay.

Kol gave Chakotay a big hug and said, "Hello, Uncle Chakotay."

Chakotay returned the hug and said, "Hello, Kol."

The Doctor, Captain Spencer, Garak and Kathryn watched the scene, enjoying the family reunion.

The Kakadu had been repaired, and was working perfectly. Tom was found hanging around the ship checking it out. He was dying to have a chance to fly the Kakadu. Nog, on the other hand, had noticed the Delta flyer and was seen checking it out also. He too was dying for a chance to fly the Delta flyer.

Quarters had been found for all of them on Voyager and Kol had won everyone's heart. Naomi and Kol became inseparable and started taking classes together and going to the holodeck.

People were wary of Garak, but no one picked a confrontation with him as Captain Spencer and Chakotay had feared. In fact, they had begun to see him being accepted and making friends with the crew. But this was far from the truth. The engineer had already planned his murder and was waiting for the right time to carry out the plan.

Kathryn and Chakotay started spending a lot of time together with Kol. They still had some unresolved issues that they had to talk about but their first priority was Kol.

It was discovered that the Rudcor's were developing tetryon wave technology for energy supply. The wave that transported the Kakadu to the Delta Quadrant was their first attempt that got out of control. The fact was the Rudcor's had discovered at this point that they were unable to control the technology.

Voyager remained at Rudcor for several weeks and worked with the Rudcor's to find a way in which they could control the technology and maybe even use it to get Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant.

While they were able to find a way to control the technology for the Rudcor's requirements, they were unable to do it on a larger scale to send Voyager back home. It was actually found that it was a miracle that the Kakadu was not destroyed.

"Captain, I have come across some important information that you should be made aware of," said Tuvok.

Voyager had left the Rudcor homeworld over a week ago and things had been quiet and going smoothly. So when the chief of security came to Captain Spencer with important information, she was intrigued as to what it could be.

"What is it Tuvok."

"I have been examining the files that were transfer over from the Kakadu" said Tuvok as he handed a PADD to Captain Spencer. "This is what I found."

Captain Spencer looked at the information on the PADD and then looked straight at Tuvok.

To Be continue.........


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