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Uncle Garak!

Part 2
By Starna


Date: May-September 1999
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Janeway was not on Voyager when it went missing, but found herself there in the Delta Quadrant, 5 years after Voyager had disappeared.
Disclaimer: Parramount owns everything Star Trek. Let's hear it for them!
Author Note: The idea for this AU story has been playing with my mind for the last couple of months and I thought that it was about time I put it down on paper.


On Voyager:

"Captain's Log. We detected a tetryon wave approximately 1000 kms from our current heading. The wave appeared to be coherent therefore I have made the decision to change course and investigate. End Log"

"Report" said Captain Michelle Spencer as she walked onto the bridge.

"We are approaching the area where we detected the tetryon wave. So far the residual of the wave is still affecting our sensors" said Commander Chakotay, her first officer.

"Captain, I can't tell what it is as yet. But there is an object straight ahead" said Ensign Harry Kim, as he continued to identify the object from his terminal.

"Let's see if we can do it the old fashion way. On screen" said Captain Spencer.

To begin with nothing could be seen. Then a ship, whose design they were unfamiliar with, began to appear.

"Captain, the ship is Federation" said Lt Commander Tuvok.

Captain Spencer looked at her tactical officer with a questioning look and then turned to her first officer who had the same look on his face.

"Hail them," said Captain Spencer.

All Kathryn could see as she got up from the floor was smoke. Her first thoughts were of Kol and whether he was safe. She headed towards the safety chamber, which she had specially built for Kol for any emergency situation that may happen while he was on board. She had always reminded him that the moment red alert was declared he was to head there and stay till someone came to him. She just hoped that he remembered and did this. She reached the chamber and opened it. She was greeted by two little arms going either side of her body and was hugged tightly.

"Mum what happened?" said Kol as he hugged Kathryn.

"I'm not sure. You're not hurt?"

"No. I did as you taught me to and went to my safety chamber."

"I know and I'm glad that you did." She hugged Kol and then said, "Okay why don't you help me find Uncle Garak and Ensign Nog and see if they are okay."


The two of them moved around the bridge of the Kakadu looking for Garak and Nog. The smoke had started to disappear which made it easier for them. They found both of their friends unhurt.

"Nog, see what's working and what's not. And try to get a fix on where the hell we are" said Kathryn. Nog moved to one of the terminals and began routine tests on the ship's systems as ordered. "Garak, I need you to help me analyze what happened," said Kathryn.

"I remember the tetryon wave heading towards us. And if I may say, that was some of the best flying I have seen in a long time Nog" said Garak. Nog nodded his head at Garak's comments as he continued with his assigned duties. "The other thing which I remember was that the wave seemed to be coherent" said Garak.

"Agreed. So where did it come from?" said Kathryn.

"Captain, if these readings are right, we're in the Delta Quadrant," said Nog. Garak and Kathryn moved over to the terminal that Nog was working on and looked at Nog's findings.

Garak in a hushed voice repeated, "The Delta Quadrant!"

Kathryn to herself said, "That's why the wave seemed familiar to me."

Everyone was silent for a moment. It was broken by a beeping sound from the tactical station.

"Mum, there's something heading towards us and fast" said Kol who was standing near tactical.

Garak moved over there and began to tap out commands to identify what it was. While this was happening Kathryn was trying to work out where in the Delta Quadrant they were in relationship to the information that Starfleet had on this region of space, hoping to find somewhere to hide if need be.

"Kathryn, it's a ship" said Garak. Then he paused and looked directly at her and said, "It's Voyager."

Nog looked up from the terminal that he was working at, he looked at his new commanding officer for her reaction.

Kathryn couldn't believe what she had just heard from Garak but she also knew that if they were to survive then it was a blessing that they found Voyager this quickly. Then came realization of who was on board. From reports she had read from Starfleet, he was the first officer. Voyager was originally going to be her ship. The only thing had that stopped that was the first mission.

Admiral Owen Paris, a good friend of Kathryn's, when he found out what the mission was and knowing that it would be emotionally draining on Kathryn, changed her posting without telling her why. It wasn't until Voyager went missing that she found this out.

Kathryn was brought out of her thoughts by Nog, telling her that Voyager was hailing them.

"Is the viewscreen working?" asked Kathryn. Nog nodded his head. "On screen. This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation ship Kakadu………"

On the viewscreen, Chakotay saw someone whom he thought he would never see again. In fact, when he joined the Maquis, he blocked any thought of her. This had been almost impossible since she was his soul mate, the love of his life. He was determined to see her again after the war with Cardassia was over. He could only imagine how she felt about him leaving her like that.

Chakotay was brought out of his memories when audible gasp came over the bridge. He focused on the viewscreen again and saw a Cardassian standing next to Kathryn, He was talking quietly to her. The Cardassian looked familiar to Chakotay, but he couldn't work out why. When the Cardassian was finished, Kathryn turned her attention back to the viewscreen and said, "Thankfully Captain, there isn't to much damage to the Kakadu that B'Elanna couldn't fix."

Captain Spencer was taken back a bit when she heard that Captain Janeway was familiar with the abilities of her chief engineer. "May I ask, how do you know Lt. Torres?" asked Captain Spencer.

"I met B'Elanna at the Academy before she left," replied Kathryn.

"Well I think we better get started on those repairs and we can talk further. If you would like, you could land the Kakadu in shuttle bay 2. We could use the tractor beam if it will make it easier for you?" said Captain Spencer.

"Nog?" asked Kathryn.

"I can fly the Kakadu in without any problems Ad…." Garak hit Nog in the arm, "……..Captain."

Kathryn acknowledged Nog's comments and said, "Captain, thanks for the offer but we will come in on our own power."

"Very well, I will see you on board. Close hailing frequencies." Captain Spencer turned to her first officer, "Chakotay, go down and greet our guests and make sure that they visit the Doctor before anything else."

"Aye Captain" answered Chakotay. He realized that the confrontation between Kathryn and himself was coming sooner then he would have liked.

"Captain, might I suggest a security detail be present also" said Tuvok. Captain Spencer considered the suggestion and nodded her head.

Both Chakotay and Tuvok headed to shuttle bay 2.

Nog had managed to get the Kakadu into the shuttle bay perfectly and they were preparing to disembark.

Nog turned to Kathryn and said, "I'm sorry about before. Why did you tell them that you're a Captain?"

Kathryn looked at Garak, Nog and Kol and said, "I am going to ask for a favor. I do not want anyone on Voyager to know that I'm an Admiral. I just feel that it will be easier for everyone concerned if they just think of me as a Captain and since I am wearing a Captain uniform…….."

"My dear, your secret is safe with us," said Garak. Nog and Kol nodded their heads in agreement.

"Thank you. Okay let's meet Voyager," said Kathryn. Nog went out first and was followed by Kathryn, Garak and Kol.

The shuttle bay doors opened and a security detail enter. Lt. Ayala was in charge of. They immediately focused on Garak and raised their weapons. Kathryn realized what was happening and walked up to Ayala and said, "Ayala, Garak is my friend and I expect you to treat him as such, do you understand?"

Ayala looked at Kathryn and then Garak and then back to Kathryn. He paused for a moment and then signaled his team to lower their weapons.

Chakotay and Tuvok had entered the shuttle bay and witnessed this. Neither of them could understand why Ayala had done what Kathryn had asked him to do. Sure she was a Captain but it wasn't an order. As far as they knew, Ayala and Kathryn didn't know each other.

Not happy with Ayala for not following orders, Tuvok said, "Lt. I believe that you are under orders to secure the shuttle bay."

Kathryn turned towards Tuvok, whom she had known for years and counted as a close friend. "Lt. Commander Tuvok, there is nothing here to secure" said Kathryn.

Ayala looked at Tuvok then Kathryn, unsure of what to do and wishing to be anywhere but where he was. Chakotay was able to see this and decided to step in.

He addressed Ayala, "Lt. that will be all." Ayala and his team left the shuttle bay, thankful to be out of there. Ayala in fact couldn't wait to tell B'Elanna, Chell and the others that Kathryn was on board. He knew that everyone would have a lot of questions for her.

Chakotay turned to Kathryn, thinking to himself 'She is just as beautiful as I remember', said instead, "Captain Janeway, welcome to Voyager."

Kathryn looked at Chakotay and said, "Thank you Commander Chakotay." Thinking to herself, 'He's just as handsome, and he has the mark of his people. It suits him.' Realising that an introduction needed to be done she said, "I would like to introduce my crew" she indicated as she introduce them, "Ensign Nog, Garak and my son Kolopak." Kol moved over to Kathryn and held onto her. Kathryn made sure that she kept a neutral tone in her voice when she introduced Kol to Chakotay.

Chakotay thought to himself, 'Garak, that name sounds familiar but I can't remember why! And the boy!' Without taking his eyes of Kathryn and the boy whom she called her son, Chakotay said "Welcome to Voyager. I have been asked to escort you to sickbay for a check up and then to your quarters. This way." He indicated with his hand towards the doors.

Nog went out first and was then followed by Kathryn, Kol and then Garak who whispered in Kathryn's ear, "My dear, are you okay?" Kathryn just nodded her head in reply. Garak was worried about her, he knew who Chakotay was and the history between him and Kathryn. They had never met but he was sure that Kathryn had told Chakotay about him also.

Tuvok and Chakotay were the last to leave. Chakotay continued to stared at Kathryn and her son, thinking to himself 'Could he be?'

As they entered sickbay, the EMH started to walk over to greet them. Kol recognized the Doctor and ran over to greet him.

"Doc, it's you. We're really are on Voyager!" said Kol.

The Doctor greeted Kol with a hug and said "Yes Kol, you're on Voyager." He then looked up and said, "Hello Captain Janeway."

"Hello Doctor." She shook his hand and then turned to her companions, "This is Ensign Nog and my friend Garak. I know that you will be wanting our medical history. It's in the computer databanks on the Kakadu. Garak could you help the Doctor access the files?" said Kathryn.

"Certainly, Doctor it's a pleasure to meet you. So tell me, how does it feel to be the famous EMH from Voyager?" said Garak as he moved towards one of the computer terminals.

Chakotay didn't hear the doctor's reply. He was wondering how Kol and the Doctor knew each other, not to mention if Kol was Kathryn's son then who was Kol's father? Was it him? Did he have a son that he didn't know anything about? The boy was of Native American Indian decent, and he was about the right age.

Tuvok, who had remained with the group, asked Kathryn, "May I ask Captain, how do you and your son know the Doctor?"

Surprised that the Doctor hadn't put in his report who had questioned him when he was on the Prometheus, Kathryn replies "Quite simple, when the Doctor was in the Alpha Quadrant on the Prometheus, I was called in to investigate and advise. We become friends in the short time he was there. Kol especially loved hearing his stories about the Delta Quadrant. Didn't you Kol?" Kol nodded his head.

Kathryn then turned to Chakotay, realising that she need to talk to Captain Spencer as soon as possible, "Commander, I suggest that I meet with your Captain, there's a few things that we need to talk about" said Kathryn in her Captain voice.

Chakoty was still thinking about what Kathryn had said and his unanswered question when she said this. It snapped him out of his thoughts and he answered, "If you'll follow me."

"Nog, Garak, I am going to meet with Captain Spencer, I will catch up with later. Kol, stay with Uncle Garak and do as he says, okay?" said Kathryn.

"Where are you going Mum?" said Kol.

"I'm going to talk to Captain Spencer," said Kathryn.

"Can I come with you?" asked Kol.

"Not this time, Captain Spencer may not appreciate having children on her bridge. So stay with Uncle Garak and Ensign Nog," said Kathryn.

Kol was disappointed but nodded his head Kathryn realized that Kol felt out of place and knelt down next to him and said, "Kol, I promise to come back as soon as I can. I love you" said Kathryn.

"I love you too Mum," said Kol as he hugged her.

Chakotay and Kathryn entered the turbo lift and Chakotay said "Bridge." A knife could have cut the tension between the two of them.

Chakotay had noticed that not only did the Starfleet crew acknowledged Kathryn when they walked pass but so did the Maquis. It was almost as if they knew her. He didn't know what to make of this. " I have to ask, back in the shuttle bay. It was like you knew Ayala," said Chakotay.

"Our paths have crossed," said Kathryn. She then lifted her hand to his forhead and said, "I see you finally got the mark of your people. It suits you."

"Thank you." He realized that she wasn't going to explain any further about Ayala and decided to confront Ayala about it. "To begin with I did it in respect to my father and his beliefs but as time went on, his beliefs became my own beliefs" said Chakotay.

"You seemed to have found the balance between Starfleet and your people that you have been searching for. I'm glad," said Kathryn.

"I have for the most part," said Chakotay. "Kathryn, we need to talk."

Kathryn closed her eyes and said, "I know but not right now."

"Fine but we will talk," said Chakotay. "But there is something that I need to know now Kathryn. Kol, is he my son?"

At that moment the doors opened onto the bridge.

To be continue...........


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