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Coffee Body Paint
Part One
By Starna


Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Parramount owns everything Star Trek. Let's hear it for them!
Summary: Basically Janeway and Chakotay and coffee body paint.   Told from Chakotay's POV.


Here I am lying in someone else's bed, remembering the conversation which led to this. I still don't know how we got onto the subject. But the idea of covering parts of your body with an edible paint just didn't make sense. I remember thinking, 'What use would that have?'

We were at Sandarine's, Tom, B'Elanna, Harry, Seven, Neelix the doctor, Turvok, Kathryn and myself. Voyager was in an area where it was fairly quiet. Voyager's systems seemed to be finally working at peak efficiency, which was a great relief to everyone, especially to Kathryn and B'Elanna.

Anyway, Tom explained that in the latter part of the 20th Century that couples would occasionally indulge in it. Chocolate being the favorite flavor. 'Trust Paris to know something as trivial as this!'

B'Elanna made some comment that this needs to be investigated to verify the benefits. The suggestive tones weren't lost on anyone. The doctor just warned them to be careful, stating "that there is only so much that a brilliant doctor such myself can do to rectified any………..hmmmmmmmm……starches." At this everyone started laughing, Turvok just raised his eyebrow at the comment. Seven turned to Harry to ask him a question but Harry saw this coming and told her that he would explain later.

At that comment I decided that it was time to leave and get back to some of the reports that I still need to go over before tomorrow. I made my apologies and started to leave.

"Commander, mind if I join you?"

"No Captain, of course not."

Kathryn also made her apologies and left with me.

We talked along the way. I really enjoy the way we can talk to each other about almost anything. I have always loved your laugh and that smile that lights up your face when we talk about the crew. I have always said that the crew in now a family and that home is where your heart is, I think that you are truly understanding this now!

We arrived at your door and you remember that there was a few things that we needed to discussed so you invited me in. If I knew what was really on your mind………..

We settled on your couch after getting some herbal tea from the replicator. We discuss some ship business, talking about some of the tests which we should carry out while things are quiet, such as emergency evaluation and maybe let Turvok to arrange a refresher course in tactical training.

Once all of that was done, despite the fact that both of us were tired, we continue to talk. Somehow the discussion led to where the discussion in Sandrine's left off.

"I'm sorry Kathryn, I just can't see the advantages of body paint."

"Well I would have to agree with you with regards to Chocolate body paint, but maybe if it was Coffee Body Paint!"

I must have had the biggest grin on my face when I reply with, "Kathryn the only reason why you would enjoy the body paint is for now other reason except than its coffee!"

"Chakotay I'm shock that you could say such a thing." You had the most indigent look on your face which soon turned into a smile. The one that I love seeing, the one that I know is for my eyes only.

You then got up and went over to the replicator, "Computer 100grams of coffee body paint." The sound of the replicator told me that it was on file.

You walked back to the couch and faced me again. "So Chakotay. Do you feel like investigating as to why people in the 20th Centuary used it?" I knew that this was a challenge. Question was, was I going to take you up on it!

"What exactly do you have in mind, Kathryn." I tired to play the innocent party, I don't think that I pulled it off all that well though.

"Well to start with, take off your uniform and lay on the floor." I still can't believe that you said that with the "Captain Look."

"Yes 'Ma'am'." I think that by this time I had a really wick grin on my face. But all the time I was thinking that you will pull away and that it was all a tease. Talk about getting mixed signals!

I started to remove my uniform and you walking into you bedroom and came back out with a rug and some pillows. You handed them to me and told me to make myself comfortable. And then went back into your bedroom.

A couple of minutes later you returned, having change out of your uniform into the silk nightgown that I have heard rumors about. It fitted you in all the right places and my mind started to tell me that I needed to get out of there as soon as possible because it wouldn't be able to control the body for much longer.

That thought quickly left when you said, "So shall we being this test!"

The last thing that I truly remember was of me being pushed gently down to the floor by you and then having this coffee body paint spread over my body. The rest, well I am still wondering if was true or if it was just a dream. The emotions and feelings and sensations that ran through my body, I don't think I have experience anything like that before!

Now I'm looking at you lying in my arms and I think to myself that it must have happened. 'Great what now!' I don't think that I could ever go back to the way things were after this. All of my dreams and fantasies coming true. No one would be able to ask me to forget about it.

I feel your fingers drawing circles on my chest. I look down and into your eyes and see love in them and I realize that you won't be asking me to forget what happen. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Good Morning"

"Good Morning"

"Do you remember how we got here?"

"No. But I like having you here in my bed, waking up in your arms. It's definitely something that will continue."

"Oh really!"

"Hmmmmmmm…….yes really"

"I don't I have a say in this?"


"Well then what can I say but……….Yes Ma'am"

We were both running late for our duty shifts on the bridge, having explore our new relationship a little bit more, but we weren't the only one's. Tom look like he hadn't slept all night, but had the biggest grin on his face.

I notice that I have a message on my terminal. I access it and notice it's from Tom. 'And you couldn't see the advantage of body paint!'

I send a message back to him. 'I was just doing what all scientists will inform you to do, if you can't see the advantage of something, try it and then see if you come to the same conclusion. And the answer to your next question, not that it's any of your business, No I don't have the same conclusion.'

I look at Tom and notice his body slightly shake as if he was holding back a laugh.

I look over to you and smile, you smile back.

To be continue..........

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