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Personal Logs

By Starna
Disclaimer: Anything to do with Star Trek is owned by Paramount Studios.
Note: The following story was a challenge from a friend to write a log entry from one of the crewmembers of Voyager.

The door swished open and a voice is heard, "Computer, light 50%." The room is comfortable but still lacks the homely feeling that he is used too.

After changing out of his uniform and into is casual clothes he sits down at the desk and begins to work on the reports that are require for the senior staff meeting tomorrow. After a while, he relaxes even more, sits back to contemplate what's has happen in the last couple of days.

"Computer begin recording……….Personal log, Star Date ?????

If someone had said to me, five years ago that I would be serving as a valued member (well I hope value member) of the crew, on a Starfleet starship and loving it, I would have laugh in their face. I then would have started looking into whether there are any of those mental hospitals that were around in the 20th Century a look at putting them in it.

But here I am and I love it. I won't tell you that it was always like this but I honestly now feel that I have found where I belong. My commanding officer is strong, and demanding but I have also found out that he is understanding and approachable. It's hard to believe that the Vulcan can understand the emotional side of a human, I guess it's the fact that he has been a close friend of Captain Janeway. He never expects you to be able to do something that he can't do himself, he always encourages you to be your best. Because of this I am developing into a person whom I never thought I would be.

I'm not saying that I was a bad person 5 years ago, far from it. I had ideals, dreams, aspirations of where I wanted to be, but this was always based around what I knew about life. What I was taught as a child in my small community. Since being on Voyager, my eyes have been open to other possibilities, and therefore my little world has also expanded.

I always wondered what it would be like to be in Starfleet and thanks to the Caretaker I do. I would love to be back in the Alpha Quadrant, but then again, the Marquis is no longer and I most likely wouldn't be serving on this incredible ship and with this crew and with Captain Janeway. I don't think she really understand how the crew loves her and will follow her no matter what.

Chrip…….."Lt Ayla, please report to the bridge"……..."On my way sir"…..

I will get back to this later. Computer end recording"

The End.



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