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Natural Hot Springs

By Starna
Disclaimer: Anything to do with Star Trek is owned by Paramount Studios.
Summary: The following story was a challenge from JetC18, write a story involving Janeway, Chakotay, a hot tub and the holodeck!



Kathryn Janeway has never regretted her decision of promoting B'Elanna Torres as the Chief Engineer. In fact every opportunity she had, she would be seen in Engineering working with B'Elanna and the engineering team. Over the years, this had allowed her and B'Elanna to form a close relationship. They had just finished a diagnostic on the warp core, and were calling it a day.

"Captain, some of us were wondering if you would like to join us on the holodeck this evening?" asked B'Elanna.

"Thanks for the offer B'Elanna but I think I wont. I just feel like having a really nice long hot bath."

"Well the program that the 'girls' are going to be running is Jenny's Natural Hot Springs. It's very relaxing and as I said, it's just 'the girls'. Come on, it will be fun to have a 'girls' night out!"

A girls night out. The thought almost seemed foreign to Kathryn now. It was something which she enjoyed every once in awhile. But since Voyager was transported to the Delta Quadrant, Kathryn's life has been run by Starfleet's Protocols of how a Starship Captain should be. Slowly, over the years, she has taken a few liberties that don't necessarily come under "the protocols", but then again, "the protocols" weren't strictly written with their current situation in mind.

"Okay B'Elanna you talked me into it. What time are we meeting there?"

"It's holodeck one and we are all meeting outside at 20:00 hours."

"Well I'll see you there then!"

At 20:00 hours, B'Elanna, Jenny and Megan Delany, Susan Nicolette, Samantha Wildman and Seven of Nice were outside of the holodeck one waiting for the Captain.

"Okay everyone, remember, the Captain is not the Captain, once we walk through those doors, she just one of 'the girls', " said B'Elanna.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement except for Seven who was still trying to comprehend the value of the 'Natural Hot Springs'. Sitting in pools of hot water to relax seemed to her irrelevant. As for the fact that the Captain was joining in this activity, made her even more interested.

Kathryn came around the corner and saw everyone waiting out front for her. Thinking to herself, 'Nice start Kathryn'.

"Sorry everyone for being late……Shall we head in?" asked Kathryn.

Everyone nodded in agreement and went in. They were greeted with a natural bush setting. Ferns and lush greenery on every side. Jenny led the group down a small track which lead into a wide open space in which there was a large natural hot spring on one side.

Jenny had added a few touches of her own, "Computer, add subroutine JenD12 with attendee's" stated Jenny.

"Please state which attendee's subroutine your require!"

Jenny takes a quick look at her sister and said "JenD2"

"Program complete"

Everyone looked around at the finished program with approving smiles. There appeared a bar on the right side of the pool and a towel rack on one side of it. There also appeared a massaging table and oils. These were attended by two half-naked men, one being the bartender, the other the 'towel boy'/masseur.

"Jenny, I think that we all approve of your programming," said B'Elanna as the 'towel boy' came over and gave her a towel. "In fact I think that it actually surpasses Tom's in some respect. But tell me, if this is your number two subroutine then what's your number one like?"

Again another quick look passes between the two sisters. "Well I really don't think that you want to see it", said Jenny apprehensively.

"Jenny, you said quite a few times that subroutine one is your favorite", pipes in Susan.

Jenny started to feel really uneasy with the way the conversation was going. She looked at Megan with a look on her face which could only be read one way, HELP!

"I don't think that it would be a good idea that we put it online…..mmmmm…..the Captain may not approve of it", said Megan coming to her sister's rescue. Thinking to herself, 'Neither would B'Elanna.'

"I don't think it could be that bad", said Janeway. "Computer end JenD2 and replace with JenD1."

"Program complete."

One minute there was only two holograms, the next there were six holograms, but this wasn't the thing which had everyone, except for the Delany's, in stock. It was the fact that the holograms were prefect copies of Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Turvok, Vorik, Ayla and Joe Carey. The holograms were only clothed in very tight shorts which left almost nothing to the imagination.

"hmmmm…….Jenny I think that B'Elanna's comment about your programming being better than Tom could be right", said Janeway as she walked towards the Chakotay hologram and places her hands on his chest and walks around him, the hands never leaving the body.

That released the tension on the holodeck and everyone laughed. B'Elanna did however think that the holographic Tom was missing something but couldn't work out what it was.

The 'girls' enjoyed the next hour and for the first time, Kathryn forgot that she was the Captain and not just one of the 'girls'. They were all looked after by their own hologram. B'Elanna by Tom, Seven by Harry, Susan by Ayla, Samantha by Joe, Jenny by Turvok, Megan by Vorik and Kathryn by Chakotay. They spent the time talking, drinking, eating, and getting massages.

At the end of the hour, they all started to leave, saying that if they didn't get some sleep then they would be in some serious trouble the next day with their 'boss'. They promised each other that they will do this again next week.

Kathryn was the last one to leave the program. She walked around the spring again and thought to herself, 'I would love to stay a little longer.' With that thought, she had decided.

"Computer is holodeck one reserved for the next hour?'


"Computer, reserve holodeck one for the next hour for Captain Janeway and engage the privacy lock."

"Holodeck one is now reserved for Captain Janeway. The privacy lock has been engaged."

Kathryn, when she heard the confirmation of her request, she looked around and saw all of the holograms. "Computer end JenD1 program."

And with that thinking that she was alone, she undress herself and slipped into the springs.

Chakotay needed to talk to the Captain and bring her up to date with one of the crew's requests. He requested her location from the Computer and headed to holodeck one and entered just before the privacy lock was engage.

When Chakotay heard it engage, his senses and mind went into over time. 'What is she running.'

He walked along the track that led to the spring where he saw the Captain sitting in the spring with her back towards him. He realizes that she is naked. His mind was telling him that he should just get out of there, his body however was already reacting and the message was for him to stay.

Kathryn had no idea that he was there. Realizing this Chakotay, dispited the signals that he was receiving from his lower part of his body, turned around and started to head out of the holodeck. But as fate would have it, he stepped on a twig that broke and Kathryn turned around to see who it was.


He slowly turned around to face her, the look on his face was of complete embarrassment. "Captain, I'm sorry for intruding, I was just leaving." He then turned around to leave.

"Chakotay, wait"…..'Okay Kathryn, now you done it, what are you going to do now, he's waiting liked you asked.' Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she had been thinking to herself just before she had turned around, that Chakotay was right. She could be the Captain and Kathryn and Voyager would still function as it always had. So if she was going to be Kathryn again that meant a few changes, the 'girls' night out was a start, but there was something else that needed to be attended too.

"Chakotay, look you have had a really stressful day with everything. Why don't you join me."

Chakotay couldn't believe what she was saying. The look of embarrassment was replaced by a look of confusion. "Are you sure Kathryn? I wouldn't want to intrude on your personal time." Thinking to himself, 'I would love to spend time with you here, like this. It's the start of every dream I have at night that always involves you.'

"I wouldn't have made the suggestion if it wasn't."

Thinking about the situation more, Chakotay decided 'Why not', "Computer, replicate one swimming……"

"Computer, delay that order."

Chakotay looks at Kathryn trying to understand what she was up to. Kathryn saw this on his face and decided it was to time to let him in on her decision.

"Chakotay, you have been trying to make my realize for the last couple of years that I can be Kathryn and I can also be the Captain and that nothing will change. Well I have, after all this time, decided that your right……to a point." At this Chakotay does his best Turvok impersonation, one eyebrow lifted slightly. "You told me a long time ago, in a round about way, I might add, that you love me. Well Chakotay I love you and I want you by my side. And it will be a bit hard for that to happen with leaving things the way they are at the moment."

The confused look on Chakotay's faced was now replaced by a look of happiness.

Kathryn slowly got out of the spring and walked over to Chakotay, saying on the way, "Now I know that you know that I am naked. So if I am, then so can you." At which she started to remove his uniform.

The end.



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