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Chocolate body paint 2

By Starna



DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 aren't mine. It's that simple!
SUMMARY: Jack, Sam and chocolate body paint. Told from Jack's POV.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: For some totally unknown reason, each TV show which I have started writing fanfic for, I have always written a body paint story. So to start my writing career in the Stargate fanfic, I give you this………
ARCHIVE: SJA and Heliopolis


Here I am lying in her bed, remembering the events, which led to this. My whole life changed into my dreams because of small Christmas present and one decision.

Since Charlie's death, Christmas has been a really difficult time for me, but ever since Cassie came to Earth, it's got easier. This year we celebrated Christmas at Janet's home as the 'family' we have become. Another reason why Christmas was a less difficult time of the year for me is because it's another reason for me to spend time with the woman that I love. While I have never acted upon my feelings for Sam, she has become the centre of my life and every chance I have to spend time with her I grab with both hands.

We all had a great time eating, talking and basically enjoying each other's company. During the conversation, Janet asked Sam if she was enjoying her new lounge suite and Sam answered that it was deliver while we were off world. Sam had asked her neighbour to have the removalists put it in her garage, which is where it is still. "Actually, I could use some help in moving it into my house if anyone is willing?" said Sam.

'Perfect! Another legitimate reason for me to be around Sam tomorrow.' I thought to myself. "Sure. We will all come by tomorrow sometime and help you with it," I said

"Thanks I would appreciate that," said Sam. A time was organised for tomorrow morning.

After the meal, it was decided to open up the presents. I use to love watching Charlie open his presents at Christmas but this year as with each Christmas since being with SGC, the person who I was watching was Sam.

Sam received that night two presents from Cassie, it was one of those presents that opened the doors of opportunity to me.

"Cassie, what's this?" Sam asked. "You have already given me a present."

"I know, but this isn't much. But the moment I saw it, I knew I had to buy it for you," said Cassie.

Everyone was curious as to what it might be. Sam opened it and found a jar of Chocolate body paint.

"I know how much you love chocolate, so I thought, why not! You do like it don't you?" asked Cassie.

"Of course I do, thank you," said Sam, blushing slightly.

I noticed that Teal'c turned to Daniel and overheard him asked what is the reason for this gift. Daniel very quickly said that he would explain on the way back to the base. Janet had pulled Cassie to the side and had a little talk to her daughter. It was at that moment that I leant over to whisper in Sam's ear, "So Major, any plans for when you will be using this very thoughtful gift?" Even to this moment I have no idea why I did that. I wanted Sam to feel comfortable around me and that comment could have had the opposite effect.

"Actually Colonel I think that I might save it for a special occasion," said Sam. Thankfully it didn't.

The rest of the night when quickly and it was time to leave. Sam had just left when I noticed the jar of the body paint sitting on the floor, hidden slightly by a chair. I picked it up and took a closer look at the jar and realised that it was something that SG-1 picked up from PX2358 a couple of weeks ago. I turned to both Daniel and Teal'c and asked, "Would you mind telling me how Cassie got a hold of this?"

"I believe that we brought back two jars of it," said Daniel.

"Cassandra saw the jar and asked if she could give to someone for Christmas. I did not see any harm in this and gave it to her," said Teal'c.

"Okay, if I remember correctly, this is pretty potent stuff!" both Daniel and Janet nodded their heads. "Well I think that it's time for me to leave. Goodnight everyone." I said as I left.

As I drove home, my mind started to think about the way the body paint would taste on Sam's body. I remember the stories the Elders of the village told us of the effects the body paint has one those who use it. Janet and Sam tested one of the jars when we got back to SGC and discovered that it was a highly potent aphrodisiac. The next thing I realised, I was parked outside of Sam's apartment and was knocking on her door with the jar of body paint in my hand.

The door opened and Sam said, "Colonel, is everything okay?" It felt like I had a goofy smile on my face. Thankfully I had moved the jar behind my back so that she could see it.

"Yes everything fine. Can I come in?" I said.

"Ah yes Sir, please come in."

We moved into the lounge room, I looked around and noticed that there wasn't anything to sit on. "So Sam, what have you been sitting on while your new lounge suite is in the garage?"

"Actually, I have been so tried lately when I have been coming home from SGC that I have been going straight to bed."


"Sir, is there something I can do for you?"

"I just wanted to see if you were okay, that's all," I lied. "So you have been tried lately?"

Sam nodded her head and said "A little."

"Well then, how about I give you a massage to help you sleep better tonight?"

"Thanks for the offer Sir but I'm okay." Sam said, not sure what was going on.

"You will be missing out a chance of a lifetime, I have been told that my massages are some of the best in the world."

I could tell the Sam wasn't entirely sure what was going on. I just hoped that she trust me and would go along with stupid plan of mine. "Well Sir, if you insist," said Sam. The plan wasn't as stupid as I had thought.

"I most definitely do. Lie down and get comfortable. Do you have any massaging oils?"

"In the bathroom, I go get it."

A minute later she came back with the massaging oil and handed it to me. I took it and said thanks. I then said, "Actually I have something even better, I picked this up from where you left it at Janet's tonight and thought that I would bring it by," and pulled the jar of the body paint from behind my back, hoping that I wasn't making things worse. I really really wanted to be the only person who used this body paint on Sam and vice versa.

I looked at her with questioning eyes, hoping she realised what I was asking. I also made sure that she could see the love I have for her, the love which I have been keeping behind a mask ever since I met her.

I got my answer with a simple nod of the head and love that shone in her eyes. The last thing that I truly remember was pushing you down on the floor and covering your body with the body paint. The rest, well I am still wondering if it was true of if it was just a dream. The emotions and feelings and sensations that ran through my body, I don't think I have experience anything like that before!

I feel your fingers drawing circles on my chest. I look down and into your eyes and see the same love in them that I saw in them last night. I look back at you with that same love.

"Good morning."

"Good moring."

"Do you remember how we got here?"

"No. But I like having you here in my bed, waking up in your arms."

"Good because this definitely something that will continue."

"Oh really!"

"mmmm…….yes really."

"Don't I have a say in this?"


"Well then what can I say but…….yes Sir."

We spent the morning in bed exploring our newfound love, neither of us wishing to leave this wonderful existence. Someone knocks at the door and we both look at each other and say, "Daniel!"

I think to myself, 'I'm going to have to speak with that 'boy' about his timing."


The end


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