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Partners in all things

Part 5
By Starna


John had to teach a lecture at Sydney University the next day, after which the rest of his classes were going to be taught by a colleague of his until the situation was sorted out. It was decided that Mic and Meg would go along as well to keep an eye on John.

The lecture itself went without a problem, John passed on all of his notes to his colleague. He then headed towards his office to grab a few things to take home with him. He entered his office and closed the door behind him, Meg and Mic remained outside, thinking that John wouldn't be long. John started collecting the items that he wanted to take with him when he heard, "Hello John. Long time no see."

"Hello Steve. You're right, it has been a long time. So what brings you here?" said John, hoping that if he keeps Steve there talking long enough that Mic and Meg would come in to find out what was taking John so long.

"I heard on the grapevine that your daughter is working on a series of murders that have taken place here and in the USA. I have some information with regards to the murders that I want to give you to pass onto her," said Steve.

"I sure that Sam would be grateful for any help you might be able to give her and her colleagues. How about I take you to her or even organise to meet her somewhere," said John.

Outside the office, Mic was starting to wonder what was taking John so long. "Meg, I'm going to see what's keeping John," said Mic as her entered the office.

As Mic entered the office, Steve made a move for the door, knocking Mic off balance and Meg out of the way.

"Mic, that's Steve Travis," said John.

Mic ran after Steve, catching up to him in one of the small laneways between two of the buildings. Mic and Steve fought each other, Steve at one stage hitting Mic over the head with a piece of concrete. Meg and John had caught up to the men and Meg pulled out her gun and told Steve to freeze and to raise his arms above his head. Steve realising that his supposed safe plan had backfired on him. Meanwhile, John borrowed a mobile phone from a student who was walking by and called an ambulance for Mic, having noticed that Mic had a slight concussion, and then called Webb to let him know that Steve had been captured.

By the time Webb and AJ had arrived at the University and found their way to where John and Meg and four of the University's Rugby team forwarder rowers were holding Steve Travis. The ambulance had already picked up Mic and taken him to the hospital.

Mac, Harm and Sam headed to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where Mic was taken after being wounded. They managed to track down where Mic was being treated and when Mac walked into the room, Mic's face lit up. The Doctor turned around and saw the three of them entering the room.

"I'm sorry but all of you can't come in here, two of you will have to leave," said the doctor.

"Mac, you stay, I think that Mic would like that. Harm and I will wait outside," said Sam. Harm and Sam walked outside of the room and sat in some chairs close by.

"You are okay?" asked Harm, putting his arm around her shoulder, knowing that it must be hard for Sam not to be in the room with Mic.

"I'm fine. It didn't look too bad, so that's all that matters," said Sam.

About ten minutes later, both Mic and Mac walked out of the room. Harm and Sam stood up and walked over to them.

"How are you feeling, Mic?" asked Sam.

"A bit sore but otherwise okay," replied Mic.

"The doctor said that he needs to take it easy for the next couple of days," said Mac.

"Look I'll be fine if we go back to the office and I sit down," said Mic.

"Okay, if you think that you are up to it, let's head back and find out what Webb has gotten out of Travis," said Harm.

The next 24 hours proved to be the most interesting with regards to information about the case. To begin with, Travis didn't say a thing but then he was left alone in the interrogation room with Webb and the next minute he was talking. No one knew what Webb had said or for that matter done. Meg's impression of the CIA agent went up about 10 levels though.

Travis revealed the reason for Pang being on the murderous rampage; it was as Harm and Sam thought. During the Vietnam war Travis was contacted by the Northern Vietnamese and was asked to provide them with some information about troop movements and so on. The money that they were offering him was in his words, 'too good to turn down'. Anyway Pang had unfortunately stumbled upon Travis at the end of a transaction. Travis wasn't sure if Pang knew what was going on and with the mission that was coming up in a couple of days decided to lay low and take care of Pang then. Travis had left Pang in the jungle to die, it wasn't until recently that Travis found out that Pang had in fact survived and had plans to kill everyone who was on that mission thinking that they all were involved in someway. He then said something that John and AJ thought was important but couldn't work out why - Travis said that Pang could always be found around Trinh's neighbourhood.

While this was going on, Mic had contacted Tom Chang to pass on what information they had already and see if this would help Tom with his investigations at all. Tom said that it might and he would get back to them as soon as he knew anything.

The next day, Mic had received a phone call from Tom informing him that he might be onto something and suggested that they come to Chinatown.

Sam was insistent that her father and AJ were to stay at headquarters and that Meg was to remain with them, making sure that they didn't get into any trouble. There were a few protests but as Webb pointed out to them, Travis still might have some information and someone needed to get him talking again.

For the next hour or so, both AJ and John were went over everything that Travis had said and what they knew of Pang themselves. They both felt that they were getting nowhere till AJ realised why the comment about Pang could always be found around Trinh's neighbourhood sounded important.

"John, do you remember how Pang would always be at Trinh's warehouse?" said AJ.

"Yes. I remember asking him about why that was the case and he said that Trinh always had the best places to hide should something happen," said John.

"I don't suppose you know if Trinh has a warehouse here in Sydney?" asked AJ.

"Actually he does. It's in the suburb Liverpool. You don't suppose he could be there?"

"I think that it's worth a look," replied AJ.

"I don't know about you but I hate being inside," said John.

"Same here. Let's go," said AJ.

John and AJ stood up and started walking towards the front door where Meg intercepted them. "Excuse me sir, but where do you think you are going? Commander Collins was quite adamant that I make sure that you and John stay here."

"Lieutenant, I suggest that you get out of the way," said AJ in his commanding officer's voice.

"I'm sorry sir but I won't. If you really think that I am going to disobey Commander Collins' orders then I suggest that you think again."

"Lieutenant, I could order you to stand aside."

"Yes, you could sir, but pretend that you're me, would you disobey your goddaughters orders just in this case?"

It was at this point that John remember the exact words which his daughter used, "Meg, didn't my daughter say that you were to make sure that we were kept out of trouble?"

Meg thought for a moment and then opened the front door and started walking out, "Well come on. I'm driving so where are we going anyway?"

"Lieutenant, it would be safer if you stay here," said AJ.

"You think so? I don't! Beside if I come with you, you get what you want and I haven't disobeyed any orders as yet," said Meg.

The rest of the investigation team arrived back at the office ten minutes later, the information that Tom had found out unfortunately didn't lead anywhere and they were back to not knowing where to go. They all noticed when they walked in that the Admiral, John and Meg were no where to be seen.

Mac turned to an Ensign, "Do you happen to know where Admiral Chegwidden, Mr Collins and Lieutenant James are?"

"No Ma'am, I don't. I do however remember them leaving the building about ten minutes ago," replied the Ensign.

"Thank you Ensign," said Mac.

Mic immediately picked up the phone and rang Meg's mobile phone, "Come on, damn it, pick up. Meg, it's Mic, where the hell are you?"

"I'm with the Admiral and John," said Meg.

"We realise that. Where the hell are you going, that is what I would like to know?" said Mic.

"We're heading to Trinh's warehouse in Liverpool. The Admiral and John seem to think that that's where Pang is," said Meg.

"Damn it, didn't you hear Sam tell you to stay here at headquarters. Look, don't answer that. When you get there, stay put and wait for us, we're on our way now, " said Mic then he hung up and told everyone else what was going on.

It was decided that Harm, Mac, Sam, John and AJ would go inside and that Webb, Meg and Mic would stay outside just in case Pang got past the others.

They slowly moved inside the warehouse that was use for storing Asian crafts. Each of them moved slowly around the warehouse, looking for Pang. AJ came across him hiding in a crate but before AJ had a chance of calling for some assistance in getting Pang out, Pang rushed towards AJ and knocked him to the side. Pang made it outside of the building and headed towards a car that was behind a shipping crate. Harm, seeing that Pang had managed to get out of the building, shouted to those outside what was going on.

Mic heard Harm and spotted Pang and ran after him. Just before Pang made it to the car, Mic tackled him to the ground and the two of them started punching each other. Webb and Meg caught up them and pulled out their guns, Pang by this time realised that he was caught and stopped fighting with Mic.

Everyone rushed over to where Webb and Meg had Pang at gun point, Webb pulled out his mobile phone and contacted the CIA who were on their way to come and pick up Pang. When the CIA arrived they took Pang into custody.

Mic almost lost his balance as he stood up but Mac was by his side and steady him. Sam saw this and walked up to Mic and Mac, "Mac, could you please give me a minute with my partner." Mac walked over to Harm who was watching from the side.

"What the hell did you think you were doing? You could have been hurt even more than what you are. I mean, only yesterday you were told by a doctor to take things easy for a couple of days," said Sam, her voice rose in volume and little.

"Sam, I'm fine and we got Pang. Why are you shouting at me? The fact was I couldn't let him get away," said Mic.

"I am not shouting at you!" said Sam who realised that maybe she was talking a little too loud but she felt that she had a good reason to. "Mic, didn't you hear me, you could have made things worst for yourself. And if you think that I am going to let the man that I am in love with get away with something as stupid as that without me saying something then you better think again."

"Harm, don't you think one of us should go and calm Sam down?" said Mac.

"No. Why do you say that?" asked Harm.

"The way Sam is reacting is unreasonable. Mic knows how to take care him of himself."

"You're right, Mic does and Sam knows that but she is just reacting the same I would if you did something as stupid as Mic," said Harm.

Mac looked at Harm surprised, "What?"

"I'm in love with you Mac and I don't want anything to happen to you," said Harm looking directly at Mac.

"Sam, I love you too but………you're in love with me?" said Mic.

"Yes. Look, I know that this isn't what you want to hear at the moment what with you and Mac but I just had to let you know," said Sam.

"What about you and Harm?" asked Mic.

"Harm and I are just good friends, friends who happen to know what the other is going though," said Sam.

"Just good friends, you don't by any chance see her as a sister do you?" said Mac.

"No and if I even said that I did, trust me I wouldn't be alive at this moment. Which brings me to another thing. Mac, I'm sorry for saying that I see you as a sister, I could never see you as anything else but as the woman that I love and who I believe is my soul mate," said Harm.

John and AJ walked over to Webb and Meg who were watching the conversations going on between the two sets of partners. "Well everything is sorted out so I suggest that we all go home. Lieutenant will you get the others," said AJ.

"In a minute sir," replied Meg.

"Lieutenant I don't think that you heard me," said AJ.

"AJ, as Meg said - in a minute," said Webb.

It was at this point that John and AJ looked at what Webb and Meg were watching and saw both sets of partners kissing each other, totally unaware of anything else around them. "So Lieutenant, any idea who won the betting pool?" asked AJ.

"Well sir, I think from memory that it's Mr Webb," said Meg.

"What can I say, I'm a romantic at heart. But if you repeat that to anyone I will flatly deny it," said Webb.

After a while the couples broke apart and started walking towards the others. As Mic and Harm got closer, Mic whispered to Harm, "If I ever hear that you hurt Mac, I will personally take care of you, if you get my drift."

"It goes both ways Mic," said Harm.

Sam walked up to her father, godfather and Meg with her hands on her hips. "Lieutenant, I distinctly remember telling you to keep these two gentlemen at headquarters. Care to explain to me why you didn't follow my orders?"

"Well Commander your orders were to keep them out of trouble, there was no mention of keeping them at headquarters. Besides, if you were in my shoes would you disobey a direct order from an Admiral?" said Meg. John and AJ laughed at Meg's explanation, remembering that she used the same tactic with them.

Sam looked at her father and godfather and smiled, "No I wouldn't."

It was decided that both Travis and Pang were to be deported to the USA for trial. Sam, Mic and John would more than likely have to attend the trial as witnesses.

Sam and Mic were walking along the beach at the Collins' hone, with their arms around each other. "I can't believe that we both wanted to give us a go again but were to afraid to tell the other person," said Mic.

"Well you were romancing a certain Marine lawyer that we both know," said Sam. Mic looked down at that comment, "Look Mic, I like Mac a lot and I could see why you would like her as well so don't worry about it. All that matters is that we are together. And so are Harm and Mac." Mic looked at Sam again and slowly lowered his head till his lips touched hers.

Harm and Mac were walking through the gardens of the Collins' home, Harm's arm around Mac's shoulders. "I love you," said Harm.

"I love you too but I do have one question, what are we going to do about the regulations?" asked Mac.

"Looked; if it turns out that one of us has to transfer somewhere then I will. All I care about is for the two of us to be together always. I have been an idiot and hidden my feelings for you behind those regulations for more years than I care to think about, but not any more," said Harm. Mac looked up at Harm and kissed him.

"Mac, one thing. I hope that you don't mind but I have organised for both of us to go to La Jolla for a couple of days before we head back to DC. You see, Mum is going to want to see us both once she finds out about us," said Harm.

"Harm I would love to see you Mum and Frank but why would your Mum want to see us, I'm mean it's not like we're engaged?" said Mac.

"That's true, we're not engaged yet, I felt that it might be a bit much to ask you in the first 24 hours of acknowledging my true feelings for you. But who know what will happen on the flight back to the States!" said Harm.

Mac stood there speechless for a moment, she was then about to say something when Harm leaned down and kissed her.

Harm, Mac, Webb and AJ went back to Washington but before leaving AJ spoke with Meg. "Lieutenant, it has been a pleasure serving with you for the short period of time we have. I hope to see your name on the list of candidates for the next exchange program. I would be more than happy to have you work at JAG."

"Thank you sir, I'd love the opportunity to work at JAG. And I too enjoyed serving with you sir," said Meg, saluting the Admiral. AJ returned the salute.

Mac turned to Mic and started to take the necklace he gave her off, Mic realising what she was doing said, "Mac, don't it's yours. When I gave it to you, I gave it as a friend. Let it be a reminder of our friendship and Australia, the place where Harm finally woke up to himself and realised what was in front of him, just like I did."

Mac kissed Mic on the cheek, "You better keep in touch."

"I will, promise," said Mic.

"And if he doesn't, I will," said Sam giving Mac a hug. "Take care." Sam then turned to Harm and gave him a hug and kiss, "And you keep in touch, mister."

"Promise, I'll at least e-mail you once a week," said Harm. He then turned to Mac, "Ready to go home to endless questions from Harriet and Bud not to mention my mother, jarhead?"

"Absolutely flyboy," said Mac, kissing him and then turning towards the gate for their plane.

The End.


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