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Partners in all things

Part 1
By Starna


Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine but the story is.


Disclaimers: All characters belong to Paramount except for my own characters.


Lt Colonel Sarah MacKenzie was sitting on her couch looking over some files that she and her partner, Commander Harmon Rabb were working on earlier that night. They had been going through all of the evidence that they had gathered. The case was of the death of a former US Navy Seal.

The murder appeared to be based around several Asian rituals, but all the research they had done into the rituals came up with nothing. They even ask Clayton Webb to see if the CIA had anything information that they could work with. Unfortunately Webb couldn't help them either.

After working on the case for the last four hours and getting no where, Harm and Mac had decided to call it a night. They both secretly hoped that with a good night's sleep, they might see something that would help them.

Mac's study of the case files was interrupted when her phone rang. She picked it up and said, "Sarah MacKenzie here."

"Hey Mac, it's good to hear your voice," said the voice on the other end of the line, in an Australian accent.

"Mic. It's good to hear your voice. How's things?" said Mac. She had missed Mic since he went back to Australia a couple of months ago.

"Not too bad. Work is keeping me busy and it's been great catching up with some old friends. How's things with you and everyone else at JAG?" asked Mic.

"Everyone's fine. Little AJ is getting bigger each time I see him. Harriett, I don't think could look happier. Bud is still achieving all our expectations and with somewhat apparent ease. The Admiral is the still the Admiral. And Harm is doing fine," said Mac.

"I bet he is!" muttered Mic to himself but said to Mac, "that's great to hear Mac."

"About the only thing that's going badly at the moment is a case that Harm and I are working on," said Mac. "We just can't seem to find the missing pieces, and it's now been two weeks since it occurred."

"Sounds like a case that I'm working on alone till my partner gets back from East Timor. The case is about a murder of a former American, now Australian civilian who used to be in the US Navy. The weird part about it is that it has all the signs of an Asian ritual murder but not from one region. Almost like a combination of rituals from all the Asian regions," said Mic.

This caught Mac's attention; to her it sounded almost like the case that she and Harm were working on. "Mic, tell me more about this case," said Mac.


Mac had called Harm after she finished speaking with Mic and told him what she and Mic talked about. Mic suggested that since the murder in Australia was recent that Mac and Harm should come to Australia so that they could investigate the case together. Both Harm and Mac decided to approach Admiral Chegwidden the next day so that they would be in Australia as soon as possible.

Mic had sent the information on the case to the JAG office to help Harm and Mac to build their case for going to Australia. Having obtained the information, Harm and Mac entered the Admiral's office.

"Colonel, Commander, what can I do for you?" asked the Admiral.

"Sir. It has come to our attention that the Royal Australian Navy legal office in Sydney is currently working on a case, which is identical to the Murphy case. We would like to request that we go to Australia and work with the Royal Australia Navy with regards to this. Here are the details of the Australian case and the request from the Australian investigator for our assistance," said Mac as she passed over the file to the Admiral.

AJ accepted the file from Mac and looked at the information. He noticed that the Australian investigator was Lt Commander Mic Brumby. Upon reading this, AJ realised that Mac must have discussed the situation with Mic. He looked at the details further and noticed the similarities between the two murders. He felt that it was unwise to send an investigating team but the Australian murder was recent, therefore the leads might lead them to the murder.

"Very well, have Tiner organise your flights and make sure that you leave straight away. Use Lt Simms if you need anything from this office."

"Aye Aye Sir," said both Mac and Harm in unison.

"Dismissed," said the Admiral.


Commander Samantha Collins of the Royal Australian Navy entered the outside office of the legal department of RAN in Sydney. As she walked towards her office, she was greeted with hellos and welcome backs.

Ensign Margaret James walked up to Sam and said, "Commander Collins, welcome back."

"Thanks Meg, it's good to be back. How's things?" asked Sam.

"Not too bad. Busy as usual but okay. So tell me, what was East Timor like?" asked Meg.

Sam while talking to Meg had been looking through her messages and mail over the last two weeks, but when she was asked about East Timor, she looked straight at Meg. "Imagine a country that this time last year was about 30 years behind the rest of the world in everything. Then imagine this same country having gone through the civil war that East Timor went through. Basically, the people of East Timor had almost nothing to begin with. Now they have nothing at all. There are almost no buildings to house the people in or room to care for the people. The people who went to the jungle when the fighting began are starting to come out of the jungle because they believe that it is safe. Then add to this the fact that it is going into their wet season which means if something isn't done soon there will be disease outbreaks. The worst part about it, materials needed to build the buildings are hard to get a hold of. But despite all of this, the East Timor people are the most beautiful people you could ever meet."

A thoughtful but sad expression appeared on Meg's face and she said, "I just don't understand now humans can do this to each other, what was done to the East Timor people."

"Neither can I," said Sam.

From the time she arrived in the office she had noticed that most of the female staff, as they passed a meeting room, would pause briefly, looking into the room and then walked on. Sam was curious about what was in the meeting room so she asked, "Meg, what's in meeting room one? It seems to have caught the female staff's attention?"

Meg looked at Sam with a smile on her face, "That would be the US JAG officer that arrived to assist both you and Commander Brumby with the Martin case. He's tall, he's handsome and he looks great in his white uniform and gold wings. He….."

Meg never got a chance to finish what she wanted to say. Sam said, "Thanks Meg." She then walked over to meeting room 1 with a very determined look on her face. Meg saw this looked and realised that Sam knew nothing about JAG being brought in and was glad she wasn't in Commander Brumby's shoes. She said softly to herself, "Oh to be a fly on the wall in there, right now."

Sam knocked once on the door, open it and walked in. Mic immediately stood up and said, "Sam, welcome back." Mic then indicated towards Harm and Mac, "Commander Collins, I'd like to introduce Lt Colonel Sarah MacKenzie and Commander Harmon Rabb of the US JAG office."

Sam looked at Harm and Mac, knowing them from stories she had heard over the years, and said "Colonel, Commander, welcome. If you would excuse Lt Commander Brumby and myself. Mic, can I speak to you outside please?" Sam started moving towards the door.

Mic knew what was about to come but followed Sam outside anyway. Harm and Mac, however, didn't know what it was all about and had puzzled looks on their faces. They had no idea that Mic never consulted with Sam about them coming to help with the investigation.



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