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Chocolate Body Paint

By Starna
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine but the story is.
Summary: Mac, Harm, Chloe's letter and Chocolate body paint!  Told from Harm's POV



Here I am lying in her bed, remembering the events, which led to this. My whole life changed into my dreams in less than 12 hours, but something tells me that it was planned longer than that.

Chloe was staying with Mac two nights ago, so the 'girls' of the JAG office; Mac, Harriet and Caroline decided to go shopping together after work.

A comment was made by, I think, Gunny that, "us 'guys' should be thankful that they didn't asked to come along to carry the bags." A chorus of amen's was heard from Tiner, Bud, Mic and myself. In fact I still believe that I heard an amen from the Admiral as well.

Harriet and Bud had invited Chloe to their home the next day so that Chloe could spend some time with baby AJ and the rest of the JAG office. Everyone in the JAG office saw Chloe as a little sister or something and enjoyed spending time with her.

I knew that Mac's car was in for a service so I said that I would pick both her and Chloe up. Everyone had an enjoyable time being with friends. I notice that both Caroline and Harriet had the biggest grins on the faces and at one point were talking to Chloe in the corner and giving her a hug at the end. I decided that they were planning a surprise for Mac and that's why they were being very secretive about whatever they were talking about.

Chloe's father came to pick her up towards the end of the night. As Chloe was saying her goodbyes to everyone, to turn to me and said, "Harm, since I didn't see you when it was your birthday, I brought you a present last night but I forgot that I left it at Mac's place in the refrigerator. Sorry. Please pick it up tonight."

I gave Chloe and hug and said, "Chloe that was really sweet of you to buy me a gift, thank you. I promised to pick it up tonight." I then gave her a kiss on the cheek. I loved Chloe as if she was my family, in a way she is. When I think of Mac's and my daughter, Chloe is who I see.

Later that night I drove Mac home. We talked along the way. I really enjoy the way we can talk to each other about almost anything. I have always loved her laugh and that smile that lights up her face when we talk about godson and our friends. Our friends are more like family to both of us.

I followed her up to her apartment to retrieve my present from Chloe and coffee. Mac opens the refrigerator. As I looked into the refrigerator I asked, "So Mac, have you found my birthday present from Chloe?" It was then that I noticed a jar of chocolate body paint and two letters, one addressed to Mac and the other to me. I slowly reached for the jar and handed Mac the letter addressed to her and opened the letter addressed to me.

Dear Harm,

When I first met both you and Mac, the two of you were partners and best friends but even at that time there was something else there.

I know what you are about to say I'm to young to know these things, but I'm not. My Grandparents, who love each other 'totally' as my Grandmother puts it, has the same thing that you and Mac have. If you and Mac are even half as happy as my Grandparents are then the both of you will have a wonderful life.

Harriet wouldn't tell me what exactly you do with this chocolate body paint but she did say that it might help you and Mac discover your love for each other. I loved the sound of that so, the chocolate body paint is yours, do what you want with it. I just hope that you will wake up to yourself and grab the happiness that is right in front of you. I want to have two couples in my life, which are great examples of what love is truly about.

One more thing I ask for, is that Mac and yours first daughter is to be named after me. I really want to be a big sister to someone and Mac and your children are going to be that someone. You're stuck with me forever.




I folded the letter up and stuck it in my pants pocket. I then looked at Mac and realised Chloe was right, I should grab the happiness that was in front of me, Mac was everything that I have wanted, we would worry about the everything else, later. It was then that I realised that the front door wasn't locked, so I moved to lock the front door.

When I came back into the kitchen I saw Mac with her face in her hands crying. I could have kicked myself, realising the Mac thought that I was leaving, I put my hands on her arms and opening them up so that I could see her face. She tipped her head down in response to this.

"Mac. I love you. Please look at me," I said.

Mac looked into my eyes and I hope that she saw the love I have for her in them, that what I said was true. I saw the doubt and fear in her eyes and said, "I thought it might be a good idea to lock the door. Hope that you don't mind."

"I love you Harm," said Mac. My heart started beating faster. She loved me too.

The last thing that I truly remember was of me being pushed gently down to the floor by you and then having this chocolate body paint spread over my body. The rest, well I am still wondering if was true or if it was just a dream. The emotions and feelings and sensations that ran through my body, I don't think I have experience anything like that before!

I feel your fingers drawing circles on my chest. I look down and into your eyes and see the same love in them that I saw in them last night. I look back at you with that same love.

"Good Morning"

"Good Morning"

"Do you remember how we got here?"

"No. But I like having you here in my bed, waking up in your arms. It's definitely something that will continue."

"Oh really!"

"Hmmmmmmm…….yes really"

"I don't I have a say in this?"


"Well then what can I say but……….Yes Ma'am"



"What did Chloe say in her letter to you?"

"Just that I better not stuff this chance up and that our first daughter is to be named after her."


Later on that day, Chloe rant to see how things were. I answered the phone and for a moment there was silence on the other end, then a scream of delight came so loud that I had to lift the receiver off my ear so it didn't hurt that much. I looked over to Mac who could also hear the scream and we both smiled at each other.


Then End.


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