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Chocolate Body Paint

By Starna
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine but the story is.
Summary: Mac, Harm and chocolate body paint. Told from Mac's POV.


Laying in his arms, here in my bed, had brought me more peace and happiness that I ever thought would come into my life, more than I ever thought I deserved.

I won't deny that I still have some reservations about us being together, what with the regulations, our jobs and my past history with men. But I would never go back to the way things were, not now.

I hear him stir and his arms move around my shoulders and waist a little tighter. My head is lying on his chest and I can hear his heart beating. He is my work colleague, my partner, my friend and now my lover.

The sheets are wrapped around our bodies and our individual scents, and the one we created while we made loved, have combined into an intoxicating perfume. One I hope to wear for the rest of my life.

I thought back on the events that occurred in the last 24 hours that lead to this. I don't think anyone would have even consider that 'this' would have happen from a harmless shopping trip with the 'girls'. Well, maybe one person.

Chloe was coming to stay with me over night, so Harriet and Caroline decided that the four of us should go shopping after work. While Chloe was my 'little sister', both Caroline and Harriet look upon her as their 'niece' and always enjoyed spending time with her, spoiling her like all aunts do.

We all had a wonderful time, looking at clothes and buying for Chloe for schools. Finding out about the kids at school and more to the point about the guys she liked. After only three hours of shopping, we were ready to sit down and take a break.

While we were sitting at a café having a cool drink, Harriet spotted a shop that contained, body washes, soaps, masks and so on. She and Chloe headed over there to look around. I wasn't sure what they had found over there but both Chloe and Harriet came back and had the biggest grins on their faces. Chloe was carrying a bag from the store but wouldn't give me any idea what was inside, just saying that it was a present. I noticed in the corner of my eye that Harriet whispered something to Caroline who then developed a grin as well.

That night, back at my apartment, Chloe asked me about a million questions with regards to Harm how I felt about him. I told Chloe that no matter how I felt, I couldn't tell Harm how I felt about him due to the regulations and so on. After about an hour of this, she dropped the subject and it was never mention again.

The next day, Harriet and Bud had invited us to their home so that Chloe could spend some time with baby AJ and the rest of the JAG office. Since my car was in for a service, Harm had offer to come by and pick both Chloe and I up and take us there. After the conversation last night, I was a little worry about what Chloe might say but nothing was said.

Chloe's father came to pick her up at the Robert's home. Before she left she turned to Harm and said, "Harm, since I didn't see you when it was you birthday, I brought you a present last night but I forgot that I left it at Mac's place in the refrigerator. Sorry. Please pick it up tonight."

Harm looked at her and gave her and hug and said, "Chloe that was really sweet of you to buy me a gift, thank you. I promised to pick it up tonight." He then gave her a kiss of the cheek. The love he showed her, showed me, once again, that he would make a wonderful father.

Again, in the corner of my eye I noticed that both Caroline and Harriet had the biggest grins on their faces. It was then that I realised that something was going on and that it had something to do with the 'present' Chloe brought for Harm.

Later that night, Harm drove me back to my apartment and came in for coffee and to pick up his 'present'. I went to the refrigerator first and open it, it was then that I notice a jar of chocolate body paint and two letters, one addressed to Harm, the other to myself, attached to it.

Before I had a chance to hide the jar, Harm looked into the refrigerator and asked, "So Mac, have you found my birthday present from Chloe?" Then he noticed the jar and the two letters addressed to both of us. He slowly reached for the jar and handed me the letter addressed to me and opened his letter. Everything was silent as we both read what Chloe had to say. In my letter, Chloe told me how she notice the body paint in the store that she and Harriet shopped at last night and how she asked Harriet what it is used for. It was then that both Chloe and Harriet decided that it might be one way in which they could make Harm and I wake up to our feelings for each other and hatched a plan together. I still don't know what Chloe wrote in Harm's letter.

Harm finished reading the letter and then folded it up and stuck it in his pants pocket. He then looked at me. He then turned and started towards the front door.

At that moment but heart broke into a million pieces. I didn't think anything could hurt me as much as when he left to go back to flying. I realised then that I was wrong. I sat down on one of the chairs with my face in my hands, wishing that I could just disappear. I then felt two hands on my arms, opening them up so that my face with visible. I tipped my head down, not wanting anyone to see me like this.

"Mac. I love you. Please look at me," said Harm.

I looked up into Harm's eyes and saw the love for me in them. I couldn't believe that he was still here. I saw him start to leave. He must have seen the doubt and fear in my eyes and said, "I thought it might be a good idea to lock the door. Hope that you don't mind."

It was at that point that I said, "I love you Harm."

The last thing that I truly remember was pushing you down to the floor and covering your body with the chocolate body paint. The rest, well I am still wondering if it was true or if it was just a dream. The emotions, feelings and sensations that ran through my body, I don't think I have experience anything like that before.

Now I'm lying here in your arms, thinking and drawing circles on you chest. You look down into my eyes with the same love that I saw in them last night. I look back at you with that same love.

"Good Morning."

"Good Morning."

"Do you remember how we got here?"

"No. But I like having you here in my bed, waking up in your arms. It's definitely something that will continue."

"Oh really!"

"Hmmmmmm…..yes really."

"I don't have a say in this?"


"Well then what can I say but………Yes Ma'am."



"What did Chloe say in her letter to you?"

"Just that I better not stuff this chance up and that our first daughter is to be named after her."


Later on that day, Chloe rang to see how things were. Harm answered the phone and after a couple of seconds, I heard a scream of delight over the phone.

The end



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