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Friends of Science Fiction

Convention Banners


The following is a collection of banners that can be used on websites to promote FSF Presents.............

Please link the banners to

And thank you for all your help!


FSF Presents......Gunn and The Host

Date 18th-19th May 2002

fsf2002con.gif (29942 bytes)

fsf2002con1.gif (26842 bytes)

fsf2002con2.gif (20148 bytes)

fsfcon4.gif (15284 bytes)

fsfcon5.gif (18217 bytes)

FSF Presents......Amanda Tapping

Date: 10th November, 2002

fsfatcon1.gif (19276 bytes)

fsfatcon2.gif (30236 bytes)

fsfatcon3.gif (44215 bytes)

fsfatcon4.gif (22564 bytes)